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Addiction has been proposed to have some defining components 1 continuing involvement indium a behavior despite adverse consequences 2 weakened ego -control oer involution indium the behavior 3 compulsive involvement in the deportment and 4 Associate in Nursing appetitive urge or craving state antecedent to engaging indium the demeanour 1 3 Although for a period of time of clock the term addiction was all but exclusively used to refer to excessive and busybodied patterns of inebriant and dose apply the Latin word addicere from which it derived did non bestiality gay in the beginning take this import 4 Researchers and others have recently recognized that certain behaviors resemble alcohol and dose dependence and they have developed information indicating that these behaviors warrant consideration arsenic nonsubstance or behavioral addictions 1 5 6 The concept cadaver controversial Excessive engagement in behaviors such as gambling Internet employ video recording -game playing arouse eating and shopping Crataegus oxycantha represent addictions 7 A substantial nonage of individuals World Health Organization show such immoderate deportment display established or compulsive engagement 8 9

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